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Cleaning your Florida roof: Roof-A-Cide

Everyone likes the feeling of owning something brand new. Whether it’s a new car, new clothes, or a new roof, having it brand new is clean and nice, right?


How can I verify my roofing contractor is properly licensed and has insurance?

Things don’t stay new forever though, and a roof is no different. When you re-roof your home, the day it’s finished it’s a great feeling; new and clean. Whether a tile or a shingle roof, years later it will loose its “new” and “clean” look and may need to be cleaned to maintain that new feeling.


Many people do not realize that you can actually clean a roof. After years, your shingle or tile roof may have unsightly staining and lack that new feeling due to moisture from humidity, moss, debris, and unfortunately algae. Everybody want’s a beautiful property, and your roof is a big part of maintaining that beauty.


How can I verify my roofing contractor is properly licensed and has insurance?

With proper roof maintenance you can keep your roof leak free and avoid major damage in the future, but you should also consider adding roof cleaning to your yearly or bi-yearly roof maintenance plan.


Unfortunately, repeated roof cleaning can actually cause more damage to your roof – and high pressure pressure washing on a tile roof can sometimes cause more harm than good, breaking and cracking tiles. Florida Southern Roofing is now an authorized applicator for Roof-A-Cide.



What is Roof-A-Cide?


Roof-A-Cide is the only cost-effective alternative that eliminates the damage caused by repeated roof cleaning. We clean the roof once, if needed, and apply Roof-A-Cide every 2 years thereafter. Since Roof-A-Cide is non toxic, and contains no harsh chemicals, it will not damage landscaping, the roof surface or the underlying roof membrane. Roof-A-Cide is EPA Approved and safe for people, pets and plants.


Roof-A-Cide has been tested and approved by the largest producers of concrete tile, clay tile, and asphalt shingles:

  • Monier Life
  • U.S. Tile
  • GAF
  • Gerard
  • Allmet
  • Boral

Roof-A-Cide is totally effective in controlling and preventing algae, mold, mildew, and fungus. Proven on over 200,000 properties in the last 10 years, it has emerged as the safest, most effective means of keeping a roof clean. Roof-A-Cide is guaranteed to protect your Florida Roof against rcurring algae, mold, mildew and fungus for a period of NO LESS than 2 years.


If you’re interested in getting a FREE estimate for cleaning your Florida roof and applying Roof-A-Cide please contact Florida Southern Roofing at our Sarasota office or contact Florida Southern Roofing at our St. Petersburg office depending on where your home is located. We would be happy to send out a qualified roof consultant to come to your home and access your roof and give you an estimate.


Download our PDF Brochure for Roof-A-Cide


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