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Roofers in Bradenton, FL

Your roof is among the most crucial components of your home. In rain, humidity, heat, or shine, it will shield your home from weather damage. When you pick Florida Southern Roofing to care for your home, you repay your roof.

We have been providing our services in Bradenton, FL, and the surrounding areas for three generations. Protecting your roof to the degree that it shields you is an essential part of being a homeowner, especially in Florida.

Forget the "roofers near me" search and come straight to the professionals who do roofing best. If you live in Bradenton, FL, and need a skilled roofer, we can help—no matter the problem you have.

Roofing Services by Florida Southern Roofing

The Florida heat can wear down your roof. When your roof is exposed to high temperatures all day long, the shingles can start to crack, and the integrity of your roof will worsen.

It’s not just heat that can hurt your roof. Even though Florida does not experience cold the way other states do during the winter, we still experience cool temperatures. The cold can also impact the strength of your roof and prevent it from doing its job.

We provide a range of roofing services for both residential and commercial structures. Whether you need a new roof installed, have an issue that needs repairing, or need regular maintenance, we have you covered.

Roof Installation

Over time, your roof will become worn down and outdated. Eventually, you will need to consider getting a roof replacement. Our expert roofers are trained and licensed to provide the highest quality roof installation when the time comes for you.

Installing a new roof will increase your property value, add a new level of curb appeal to your home or business, and ensure that your building is kept safe.

We are experts in residential and commercial roofing and install metal, shingle, tile, and flat roof systems. 

Residential Roofing

We can install all kinds of residential roofs. If you do not need a new roof, yours can still benefit from our services. Each material has its advantages, but some are more suited for residential roofs than others. If you're unsure, call and ask us today.

Commercial Roof Installation

Commercial roofing is just as important to us. Your business can benefit from a professionally installed roof in several ways. With a new roof, you:

  • Increase curb appeal
  • Create an inviting atmosphere
  • Give your business a professional look

Our team members have experience with every type of commercial roof installation that you may need.

Multi-Family Roof Installation

Have a multi-family property like a duplex, condominium, or townhouse? We can help with roofing on these buildings, as well!

Roof Repair

Many things can become damaged on your roof. Here are some of the repairs we are qualified to do:

  • Shingle and tile replacement
  • Rotting wood
  • Caulking
  • Nail pops
  • Vent repair
  • Other major and minor repairs

With year-long exposure to the elements, it is only a matter of time before your roof will need repairs. When that time comes, you can trust us to fix it.

Roof Leak Repair

In addition to our long list of repair services, we also fix roof leaks.

It rains often enough in Bradenton, FL, that your roof is bound to leak at least once in its lifetime. A leaky roof is a pain for any homeowner. Between identifying where the leak is and finding a contractor to fix it, leaks are a stressful experience.

With Florida Southern Roofing, you receive a stress-free and painless roof leak repair. We will quickly identify the source of the leak and provide a solution.

Roof Replacement 

How do you know when it is time to replace the roof or if you need some repairs? Many roofers will try and sell you a brand new roof, even if yours is easily fixable.

If your roof is several years old, has multiple problem areas, or is missing large sections of shingles or tiles, then it is likely time to replace your roof. Whether you need a whole roof or one section replaced, we can get the job done.

We will always tell you what the issue is and what course of action is necessary, and we will never try to upsell you on a new roof if you do not need it.

Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance should always be on your to-do list. With preventative maintenance, you can ensure that your roof stays in the best condition possible and save money on future repairs or replacements.

Why Use Florida Southern Roofing?

When you use Florida Southern Roofing, you have three generations of experience at your disposal. Our roofers are expertly trained to repair, maintain, and replace every roof out there, including yours.

Let our roofers take care of your roof. If you are ready to see how our services can benefit you, contact us today for a consultation!

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