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Roofing on Lido Key, FL

We all know how unpredictable Florida weather can be. A severe thunderstorm can happen at any time and leave your home with damage, particularly to your roof. 

When your roof incurs damage from extreme weather, it can put the stability of your entire house in jeopardy. This danger is why it is so important to have the damage repaired promptly. In some cases, you might even need an entire roof replacement.

Florida Southern Roofing is a leading provider of roofing services on Lido Key, FL. We provide everything from brand-new roof installations to yearly roof maintenance. Our team of industry experts is highly skilled in all areas of roofing services, working with multiple types of roofs in both commercial and residential properties.

We’re ready to provide you with all the guidance and service you require to address any roof-related issue facing your home or business. 

Roofing Repair

When your roof incurs damage of any kind, you can count on the team at Florida Southern Roofing to fix the problem in no time. Our contractors are well-versed in roofing repairs and can resolve:

  • Roof traffic damage
  • Water leaks
  • Damaged vents
  • Valley replacement issues
  • Missing shingles or tiles
  • Broken shingles or tiles
  • Open or unsealed laps
  • Rotting wood and fascia
  • Nail pops
  • Old, peeling, or cracking caulking
  • Other minor issues

Roofing damage caused by severe weather or years of regular wear and tear is commonplace, and most homeowners will deal with it at some point. With that said, while it may be common, roofing damage should not be left unattended. When your roof incurs damage of any kind, it is important to seek repair services as soon as possible. 

Roofing damage that is left unattended will only lead to larger issues that can compromise the stability of your home. If you need roof repair on Lido Key, make Florida Southern Roofing your first call. 

The Florida Southern Roofing team understands how unexpected roofing damage can be, which is why we offer emergency repair services. Our technicians can promptly visit your home and resolve any sudden issues to help avoid larger problems down the line. 

Our emergency services include:

  • Tree removal
  • Emergency board-up
  • Tarp over
  • Temporary roofing repairs
  • Entire roof replacement
  • Cartage and disposal
  • Underlayment replacement
  • Site cleanup

When you need emergency roofing repair services, call our 24/7 staff to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Roofing Installation

Sometimes your roof needs more than simple repair work. A roof that has been severely damaged may be beyond repair. If this is the case, you likely need a full roof replacement. 

Fortunately, Florida Southern Roofing specializes in roof installation on Lido Key. Our technicians can provide your home or business with a brand-new roof of any kind, including metal, flat, shingle, or tile.

Are you unsure whether your home or commercial property would benefit from a new roof installation? Look for the following signs that indicate it’s time for a roof replacement:

  • Numerous missing shingles or tiles
  • Numerous broken shingles or tiles
  • Outdated appearance
  • Age greater than 20 years
  • Severe damage
  • Large leaks
  • Failed existing repairs

When you’re interested in having a new roof installed on your residential or commercial property, contact the team at Florida Southern Roofing to schedule a consultation.

Roofing Maintenance

The best way to avoid roofing repairs or a full roof replacement that is years too early is by having regular roofing maintenance. 

At Florida Southern Roofing, we provide comprehensive roof inspections to ensure that your roof is in great condition and ready to last for years to come. We recommend scheduling your roofing maintenance at least once a year to keep your roof in good shape.

Roofing Services on Lido Key, FL

If your roof has been damaged in a severe weather event, or you’re simply looking to update the look of your home or business, contact the team at Florida Southern Roofing. 

Our technicians can provide expert roofing services with upfront pricing and free estimates. The professionals at Florida Southern Roofing have become the leading roofing services providers on Lido Key, FL, through a commitment to customer satisfaction and the highest quality work. 

Your family’s safety and comfort are our number one priority, which is why we treat every home as if it were our own. Whether you need a full roof replacement or emergency roofing repairs, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and our expert staff will be pleased to assist you.