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What Is Roofs For Heroes?

Unable to afford some desperately-needed roof repairs and physically incapable of performing them himself, Mr. Harris Nelms, a veteran with a service-connected disability, was forced to cover his roof with plastic to keep water from entering his home. On Saturday, January 23, 2016, Mr. Nelms will get a new roof and much, much more.

Although Mr. Nelms is a veteran, military service is not a requirement for consideration in the Roofs for Heroes program. If you or someone you know is a hero who is down on their luck and in need of a roof, please fill out the nomination form and we’ll consider your nomination before selecting our next Roofs for Heroes recipient.

Roofs for Heroes 2022

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Roofs For Heroes

December 2019

After reviewing several nomination forms, Florida Southern Roofing chose its second Roofs for Heroes recipient, Corporal Roy Bostic of Port Charlotte, Florida.

Bostic served as an Army Motor Transport Operator in Tikrit, Iraq, where he encountered improvised explosive devices, rocket-propelled grenades, and horrible living conditions as he oversaw the safety of, not only the vehicles in the convoys he protected, but their cargo and passengers.

Upon his return, Roy purchased a small home and he has worked diligently to get ahead, but PTSD and the toll that 7 years in a warzone took on his body have made things difficult. Nevertheless, he managed to get new windows, a new air conditioning unit, and new electrical and plumbing for his home, but an unexpected expense in excess of $5,000 to repair the damage his teeth sustained while in Iraq meant that he would have to postpone the desperately needed roof replacement he was saving for.

Although the first two Roofs for Heroes recipients have been veterans, military service is not a requirement for consideration.