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Florida Southern Roofing is proud to be your roofing specialist in South Bradenton, FL

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Is your roof ready to withstand severe summer storms and hurricane season? Here in South Bradenton, FL, we’re no strangers to unpredictable weather. We know that all it takes is one bad storm to threaten the strength of your roof, which affects the stability of your entire home.

As one of the leading roofing contractors in the nation, Florida Southern Roofing is dedicated to providing expert roofing repairs and replacements to the Suncoast area. Our team of contractors has extensive experience in everything from roof installation to emergency repair services.

Contact us today or call (941) 954-8811 for more information on our roofing services in South Bradenton, FL, or to schedule an appointment with one of our roofing specialists.

Florida Southern Roofing Installation Services

The professionals at Florida Southern Roofing have years and years of experience in roof replacement, and we specialize in several different types of roof installation. We can provide your home with a brand new shingle, tile, metal, or flat roof, depending on what best fits your home’s needs. Our experts can provide high-quality commercial roof installation, as well, if you’re looking to build or fix up a business structure.

Signs It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

Some symptoms of roof damage are apparent, while others can only be found during a professional roof inspection. Below are some of the most common signs you need a roof replacement.

  • Constant repairs
  • Leaking
  • Sagging ceiling
  • Wildlife/weather damage
  • Broken tiles or shingles
  • Missing tiles or shingles
  • Light shining through roof boards

If your house is experiencing any of these issues, give us a call at Florida Southern Roofing, and we’ll equip your home with a new safe and secure roof that will last years and years to come.

Types of Roofing Material

Below are the most common options for roofing material.

Tile Roof

Tile roofing is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal. This material also makes for a solid and sturdy roof that will last many years. It is very common in Florida neighborhoods.

Another reason homeowners love tile roofing is the wide array of customization options, with many colors and styles available. Whatever you choose, our team can provide quality tile roof replacement to give your home’s most gigantic feature an upgrade.

Shingle Roof

Shingle roofing is an excellent option for many homeowners because it is the most budget-friendly roof replacement. Shingles do not have the strength or durability of tile, but they provide a more traditional look at a significantly lower cost.

Flat Roof

When it comes to most commercial properties, flat roofing is a common choice. The experts at Florida Southern Roofing can install any one of these three kinds of flat roofing systems: TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), modified bitumen, and BUR (built-up roof).

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are standard in both commercial and residential roofing. They are a great choice because of their increased durability and weather resistance. In fact, a quality metal roof can last as long as 40 years! Florida Southern Roofing can set you up with a brand new metal roof that will protect your property for decades.

Florida Southern Roofing Repair Services

Whether it be years of extreme weather or damage from wildlife, Florida Southern Roofing understands that your roof endures a lot of wear and tear. Whatever it encounters, it’s essential to make sure that your roof is in good shape. All it takes is a small crack or hole in the roof to throw off the stability of your entire home. Once the roof is compromised, the whole house is in jeopardy.

While you may think that your roof is fine, it can incur damage from the following common occurrences:

  • Tree fall and other debris
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Strong winds
  • Excessive ice or snow
  • Wildlife
  • Aging
  • Poor gutter maintenance

The technicians at Florida Southern Roofing are highly skilled in roof maintenance and regular repairs. We provide numerous repair services, including roof leak repair, vent replacement, shingle or tile replacement, caulking, and more.

We know how unpredictable the elements can be and how a home can become damaged at any time, which is why we offer a long list of emergency repair services for issues that need to be resolved promptly. If you need roofers near you right away, our team would be proud to provide you with the following emergency services:

  • Cartage and disposal
  • Tree removal
  • Temporary roof repair
  • Clean-up
  • Emergency boarding
  • Replacing underlayment

Remember, the longer you wait to repair your roof, the more significant the damage (and cost) will become.

Florida Southern Roofing Is Your “Roofers Near Me”

For the professionals at Florida Southern Roofing, your safety and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us. That is why we’re committed to providing the highest quality roof repairs and replacements to our customers. With free estimates, emergency services, and extensive installation options, you can rest assured we will meet your home’s unique roofing needs.

As the leading roofing contractors in the South Bradenton, FL, area, you can count on our skilled technicians to assist you in any of your roofing needs. Call us today to schedule your roof repair or installation!