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Residential Roof Replacement Services

Choosing a replacement roof for your home or business is a significant investment, but it’s an investment that can last 20 years or more - if done right!

Close up of roof shingles and residential shingle roof. Residential roof replacement services in Sarasota, FL Florida Southern Roofing And SheetMetal

Homeowners want real answers to their roofing needs and need to rely on the expertise and knowledge of a seasoned residential roofing contractor. Here at Florida Southern Roofing, we bring three generations of roofing experience to your table to offer you the best possible home roof replacement options. As one of the leading roof replacement companies in Southwest Florida, we specialize in all types of residential roof replacement including: Metal, Tile, Shingle, and Flat roof systems. Whether you are looking to completely tear off and replace your roof or just replace a section, Florida Southern Roofing is the only roofing contractor you need to call.

Here at Florida Southern Roofing, we want your roofing project to go smoothly, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Please check out our “What to expect” page to read about what you can expect when starting a residential roof replacement project with Florida Southern Roofing and SheetMetal, Inc. From the beginning when our roofing specialist comes out to your home, to the very end, we lay out for you what you can expect from us. We look forward to working with you on your next roofing project!

We invite you to check out our residential roofing gallery and view some of the prior residential roofs that we have installed. You may also view our roofing repair gallery, which includes pictures of residential roof repairs we have performed over the years for customers like you. We’re proud to call ourselves a residential roofing specialist, and look forward to working with you on your next roofing project!

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Shingle Roof Replacement

Choose only the best roofing contractor in Sarasota, FL for your shingle roof replacement today – Florida Southern Roofing!

If your shingle roof is starting to show signs of wear, needing several shingle roof repairs, or has reached its maximum life – it’s probably time to start thinking about a shingle roof replacement. Shingle Roofs are a popular choice for the budget conscious homeowner or commercial property owner and can really look great.

Shingle roofing systems protect well when quality materials are installed by a licensed roofing contractor. Here at Florida Southern Roofing, we work hard to give you a shingle roof replacement that will last – even with the weather we experience here in Florida.

When it comes to shingle roof replacement, we will be with you every step of the way during your roofing project here at Florida Southern Roofing. From the beginning with your free no obligation shingle roof replacement estimate all the way to the final walk-through, our team of local roof replacement professionals will walk you through every process to install your new shingle roofing system. If you’re wondering what to expect when replacing your roof with Florida Southern Roofing, we have a page dedicated to the replacement process for you to go over.

Florida Southern Roofing is proud to provide roof installation services using quality roofing materials on all of our residential and commercial clients properties. We use shingles from the follow manufacturers primarily on all of our shingle roof replacement projects:


As you can see from the manufacturer logos above, Florida Southern Roofing is a proud GAF Master Elite, Owens Corning Platinum and Certainteed Gold Star roofing contractor in Sarasota.

What does it mean to be a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor?

Master Elite contractors make up only 2-3% of the total roofers nationwide who are trained, certified, and considered to be the best in the industry. To be certified as a GAF

  • Master Elite Contractor a roofing contractor like Florida Southern Roofing must meet several guidelines including:
  • Carrying full insurance
  • Carrying a proper license to perform roofing work in Florida
  • Maintaining and excellent reputation within our communities
  • Complete ongoing professional training to remain current with industry and manufacturer developments.

As a GAF Master Elite Contractor we are offered the ability to extend great warranties and products to customers only available through Master Elite Contractors.

The GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty – The best warranty available.

Florida Southern Roofing being one of a handful of Master Elite roofing contractors in Sarasota, FL, Florida Southern Roofing is proud to offer the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty. This transferable warranty is simply the best GAF Warranty that they have to offer. Not only are the shingles warranted for a LIFETIME, but GAF also warrants our workmanship for 25 years! What does that mean for you? That means that you get the peace of mind knowing that your shingles should last a lifetime, and in the event they need repaired or replaced, Florida Southern Roofing will come out UNDER WARRANTY AT NO COST TO YOU, to your home, and perform the work for you. How great is that?

Florida Southern Roofing is proud to be in the 1% of roofing contractors nationwide to be considered a Platinum Owens Corning Roofing Contractor.

Owens Corning Roofing knows that your home is an important investment, and that your roof is one of the most important components of any home. Your home deserves only the best. Unlike the competition, Owens Corning Roofing doesn’t back just any contractor. Each Platinum Preferred Contractor must meet strict criteria, including:

  • Being in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Having not filed bankruptcy in the last 7 years
  • Holding at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance
  • Operating under the same business name for a minimum of three years
  • Carrying all required state and local licensing and insurance

Platinum Preferred Contractors offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry. A Platinum Promise™ Limited Warranty covers more, and for a longer amount of time, than standard industry warranties.

As a Certainteed Gold Star roofing contractor, we’re amongst some of the most reputable roofing contractors across the nation.

According to Certainteed, to gain the status of a Gold Star Contractor you must meet the following guidelines:

  • Carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage and be properly licensed according to the regulations in force governing commercial roofing contractors in their markets
  • The company must have been doing business under the current name for no less than 5 years and CertainTeed must have inspected at least three roofing projects (min. 100 squares in size)
  • Submit a complete company credit history and be credit-worthy based on CertainTeed’s sole determination
  • Have a minimum of $1 million bonding capability or the financial resources to acquire that capability
  • Must adhere to the code of ethics.

When you’re ready to start your shingle roof replacement, look no further than your trusted Sarasota Roofing Contractor, Florida Southern Roofing. Call 941-954-8811 today to request a free roofing estimate!

Tile Roof Replacement

Close up of roof tiles and Florida condominium tile roof.

Choose the reliable roofing contractor for your tile roof replacement today! Florida Southern Roofing from Sarasota, FL.

Florida Southern Roofing is proud to be a tile roofing contractor. With over 40 years experience in tile roofing in Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas, we are your trusted roof replacement contractor for your next roof replacement project.

When considering replacing your roof, tile roofing systems are a great choice for your Florida home, community or business. Like shingle roofing systems, tile roofs are very common in Florida neighborhoods. Take a drive through your neighborhood, and you will mostly see shingle and tile roofing systems. Tile is a great choice for your property as it’s usually considered the more appealing roofing choice, and has many advantages.

Discover the reasons you should consider a tile roof replacement:
Tile roofing in Sarasota, FL. is a beautiful type of roofing, and they are extremely aesthetically pleasing. Tile roofs can increase your curb appeal and come in a wide range of colors, and styles. There are many options to match the architecture of your home. Tile roofing systems are built strong and are very durable. The lifespan is generally much longer than that of a shingle roof.

There are many benefits to choosing a tile roof replacement. Tile roofs are class “A” fire-resistant, hold up to severe weather such as hail, and they generally require little maintenance. While you may need to clean your tile roof from time to time, when you choose tile roof replacement, your roof will only need maintenance on protrusion flashing, the gutters, and the venting. Of course things happen such as broken tiles and sliding tiles, but when it comes to maintenance – a tile roofing system is a fantastic roofing choice for your home.


tile 2


Having limited maintenance on your roof means more money in your pocket. A tile roof replacement is a great investment and Florida Southern Roofing can help you choose the best style, type, and color for your property. Our experience roofing professionals will come out to your home or commercial property and give you a FREE roofing estimate. We will go over all the options, show you examples and samples, and help you make a choice that will be both pleasing to you and your wallet.

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Metal Roof Replacement

Photo of commercial roof and condominium metal roof.

Flat Roof Replacement

A metal roof system is a great investment. Trust your Sarasota roofing contractor, Florida Southern Roofing, today with your metal roof replacement project!

Metal roof replacement is a good choice for both residential and commercial properties. Metal roofing is a great investment. Metal roofing systems can last for 40 years, up to the lifetime of the property – when taken care of. In comparison to shingle roof replacement, metal roofing is certainly a longer lasting option. Metal roofs reflect sunlight to reduce cooling costs in the hot Florida summer, as well as insulate when it gets cold outside during the winter. They’re great for severe weather and stand up to strong storms and torrential rains.

If you are considering a new roofing system, you may want to consider a metal roof replacement. Metal roofing installed properly by a reputable roofing contractor are permanent and virtually leak-proof.

Florida Southern Roofing fabricates our own sheet metal as well as installs quality metal roofing to both our residential and commercial customers in Florida. We’re a reputable metal roofing contractor with over 40 years experience in metal roofing systems. There are many benefits to a new metal roof system:

Benefits of a Metal Roof System


We’re not talking about that old aluminum roof on your barn! Today’s metal roofing systems are built strong, lightweight, and very durable. A metal roof can last for 40 to 50 years with little to no maintenance. Metal roofs can come with lifetime warranties and when maintained can last a lifetime.

Lower Insurance Rates

Did you know that you can save on insurance rates when switching to a metal roof system? Metal roofing systems can reduce your insurance rates due to their resistance to high winds and fire. When you get a metal roof replacement, you should speak to your homeowner’s insurance provider about the advantages of metal roofing and the possible reductions in your homeowner’s insurance.

Weather Resistant

Metal roofing systems are highly weather resistant. Metal roofs provide a permanent barrier against severe weather conditions. Living in Florida and the threat of hurricanes, metal roofs are designed to withstand winds up to 200 mph.

Energy Efficiency

Your metal roof will start to pay for itself over the lifetime of the roof due to the great energy efficiency a metal roofing system has. Metal roofs can save on heating costs in the winter due to the additional insulation that keeps the heat inside. During the hot Florida summer, it reflects heat and keeps your home cooler.

A metal roof replacement is a great choice for any homeowner and will likely be the last roofing system your home needs. Trust your reputable Sarasota roofing contractor, Florida Southern Roofing, to install and maintain a high-quality metal roofing system today. 

Contact us online or give us a call today at (941) 954-8811 to schedule a free estimate for a metal roof replacement.


Close up of flat roof and roofer installing a flat roof.

Choose the roofing contractor in Sarasota, FL you can trust for your flat roof replacement – Florida Southern Roofing!

Florida Southern Roofing is proud to work with all different types of roofing systems including shingle, metal, tile, and flat. When it comes to a flat roof replacement, Florida Southern has you covered. As a flat roof roofing contractor in Sarasota, FL, we work with residential and commercial property owners to get the most out of their flat roof replacement.

What are common types of flat roofing systems?

BUR (Built-up Roof)

Probably the most common, BUR (Built-up roof) is traditional hot tar and gravel. It is built from three or more plies of waterproof material, which is alternated with hot tar. This type of flat roof was most commonly made with tar paper, but they are now gradually using a more advance material like fiberglass.

Modified Bitumen

Another flat roofing system is Modified Bitumen. Modified Bitumen roofing systems consist of asphalt with modifiers then added to give it durability. When modified, they’re given a plastic or rubber like consistency. These are either one, two, (most common), or three ply-systems.

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)

TPO is a single ply roofing system. The membranes are produced by calendering with lamination, extrusion with lamination, or extrusion-coating techniques. TPO sheets are a blend of polypropylene and ethylene propylene polymers and usually are reinforced with polyester. TPO sheets contain colorant, flame retardants, UV absorbers and other proprietary substances to achieve desired physical properties.

(TPO Source)

When you need a roof repair or a total flat roof replacement in Sarasota, FL, contact Florida Southern Roofing for the highest quality service. As one of the leading roof replacement contractors in Southwest, Florida, we are here to serve you and would love to give you a free estimate for a roof replacement.

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